Head and Neck Tumors

Benign or malignant tumors may develop in all tissues in the neck. Sometimes benign tumors can turn into a malignant tumor over time. Malignant masses tend to grow rapidly, while benign ones tend to grow slowly. Most importantly, the painless masses do not mean it is harmless. Cancers occurring in the mouth, mouth, tongue, throat and throat areas often develop due to alcohol and cigarette use. This type of disease is more common in older ages. The masses that are felt in the neck especially in the group over 60 must be investigated in detail. The person should be sensitive to the masses that do not show any symptoms and feel for a long time, and leave the idea of ​​whether the masses will cause an important problem.

Treatment of swelling that occurs in the neck area varies. The decisive factor in the treatment is the timely application of the patients to the physician and the type of mass. A preliminary diagnosis is made with detailed examinations and blood tests and radiological examinations (ultrasonography, tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography, etc.) when necessary. Sometimes a pathological examination can be performed by taking a sample from the mass content through a thin needle called fine needle aspiration biopsy. Sometimes it may be necessary to take the mass for diagnosis. Also, in some lymph node diseases, the diagnosis is made only by pathological examination of a lymph node. All these examinations do not have to be done in every patient. The physician can perform the examinations he / she deems appropriate and treat and follow up.

For example, in the masses thought to be the result of infection, antibiotic treatments can be arranged and followed up after a certain examination. However, further radiological or pathological examination may be required as a result of follow-up. For these reasons, the masses formed in the painful or painless neck must be examined and investigated by a physician.

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